Our Mission:


We are installing solar at no cost on businesses and non-profits in qualified opportunity zones.

For Norfolk, this is Lamberts Point, Park Place and Berkley as well as other neighborhoods.


What We Do

We at the Norfolk Solar Fund believe that clean energy leads to a cleaner environment, less carbon emissions and less sea level rise. Creating the opportunity for businesses and non-profits within qualified opportunity zones to join the scores of Fortune 500 companies that already use renewable energy portfolios creates a more equitable future for all. And we aren’t stopping there! Through our partnerships with local solar installers, we have provided on-the-job solar training opportunities to community members on every solar job we have installed.


Our Impact

Through partnerships with local installers, advocacy groups and community leaders, we are working towards a cleaner energy future, reducing our local carbon footprint, creating green energy job training and more…..



Years ENGAGING in the Local Solar Industry

Between the benefactor, the fund manager, volunteers and solar partners, we bring more than 20 years of experience in solar installation, policy, and usage.



Years Serving communities

The benefactor has a passion for solar and volunteering to share that information, as does every member and volunteer that serves the fund.



Almost A million Dollars

The benefactor of the fund has generously supplied nearly $1 million to deploy no cost solar installations within the qualified opportunity zones.


Paying for solar 101

There are a variety of ways to finance solar on a home, business, or non-profit.
In the simplest case, you are putting solar on your home, and you take the tax credit.  

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Get Involved

We hope that you will get involved with the Norfolk Solar Fund. Volunteer Advocacy. On-the-Job Solar Training. Applying for Solar. Let us know how you feel inspired to help out on our Contact Us page or our Volunteer page.